Touch, Pause, Engage!


Touch Pause Engage focuses on three aspects of motherhood that are vital for good personal and infant health. Suzanne has written this book based on her personal experience and knowledge.

Touch refers to infant massage, it is especially focused on massage for babies who are unsettled and “windy” or finding it difficult to move their winds. Each massage is beautifully illustrated with full colour photos taken by a professional photographer and also includes a step by step guide to each massage technique.

Pause is for women who are overwhelmed and finding it difficult to relax or “wind down” since having a baby. Taking time out to rest, relax and refresh is so important for new mothers. These deep breathing and relaxation techniques are extremely beneficial and can help new mothers switch from “fight and flight” to “rest and digest”, they can also help to lower your blood pressure and calm you down when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Engage focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and reminding women that incontinence is not the new normal after childbirth or as we age. The photos and text clearly illustrate each exercise progression with an emphasis on breathing whilst doing the exercises. These exercises can give women their confidence back, so they are not worried about leaking when out walking, running or just playing with their kids.

Touch Pause Engage would make a valuable gift for friends or family members having babies or even for midwives to have a resource to give or to share with clients after their birth.